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Vollansicht: NoScript Beginnerís Guide
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This NoScript Beginner's Guide has been designed to provide new Firefox or NoScript users with information on how the browser add-on works. I have published a guide for regular users in 2014 which you may find useful as well.

NoScript is a long standing security add-on for Firefox that is rated highly on Mozilla AMO and quite popular with more than 2.3 million users.

It is often confused with ad-blockers, and while it does that to, it is much more than that and the ad-blocking is more of a side-effect of the extension's functionality than something it has been designed for.

While there is a lot more to NoScript, its main feature blocks scripts only to run on sites that you allow them to run on.

This eliminates all third-party connections of sites you visit that load active content right away for instance, as they all rely on scripts to function but it may also affect scripts running locally on the site that you have visited in Firefox.

Vielleicht auch ganz nŁtzlich zum Thema: https://www.privacy-handbuch.de/handbuch_21c1.htm

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